Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Final Training Ride

Brawley Bound

We took out the team truck for a shake down and run onto part of the course METAL had never ridden.  The truck makes racing even more fun with its over powered motor and growling off road tires.  Great day of training and plenty of lessons learned.

The Truck

The Route

METAL and WildeBeast in the Desert

Ed and Barrie waiting for WildeBeast to get off the phone

MT Racing is proud to announce our partnership with a APX, a great company and a great product!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Joining the Clubbing

MT Racing: a group of Ultra Cyclists committed to severe training, robust adventures and nabbing upset wins with impunity.
Recent Results: RAAM 8-man win 2012 (course record), Furnace Creek 508 Solo win, Hoodoo Solo Win (course record), Fiesta Island 4-man TTT (course record), Stagecoach 100 4-man (course record) and Solo (course record).
Upcoming races: April 5, 2014 RAAM Challenge 400 mile 2-man race (METAL and WildeBeast).  May 2014, 4-man State Time Trial Championship (METAL, WildeBeast, Toro and Hammer), June 2014, Solo RAW (Race Across the West) Wildebeast.

Racers: our racers are all RAAM winners with numerous other wins and are known for consistently brutal training regimens and (to our knowledge) we are the only team of this type in existence.  Our training rides, specifically the "MurderTrain Saturday" are well-known to be scarcely survivable.
Crew: our crew are all experienced in the art and science of performing in the crucible of ultra cycling under unforgiving race conditions.  Many are themselves formidable athletes and RAAM racers to boot.
Team Experience: we simply know how and what to do to win Ultra events.  These techniques have been refined over years of racing and training together. 
In the Media:

Our expertise was featured in Bicycling Magazine:


What we offer our sponsors:
  • plug into a well oiled machine staffed by an elite and experienced team of racers and crew, we've already worked out the flaws meaning we offer a race-ready team which has already made all the rookie mistakes and weeded out riders/crew not up to the task. 
  • We have our own media crew which insures plenty of quality video and still images to promote sponsor wares.
  • Our racers are well known in the cycling community, in additional to our network of colleagues on the local racing circuit we have over 400 followers on Strava.
  • We put in 10-15 thousand miles a year in training so our recommendations on cycling gear and durable performance products carries extra weight.  If it works for the MurderTrain...it will work for you.